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We were hanging out at her house in Rhode Island and we were talking about John Hughes movies, and a lot of the music that inspired [them], and just this general culture of sound in that time period that was really larger-than-life in an anthemic, positive way. These songs could be at the end of films that were really, really beautiful and said a lot.”

The friendship blossomed into a collaboration when Antonoff sent Swift a track that he had been working on, and she begged him to send the demo her way. “That actually ended up being a song called ‘I Wish You Would’ which is going to be on her album. We first worked on that song together and realized we kind of have a good thing, and the next thing we did was ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’ which was on the [‘One Chance’] soundtrack, and after that we did ‘Out Of The Woods’ and another song called ‘You Were In Love.’ So ‘Out Of The Woods’ was the third thing we worked on together, and probably the easiest. I sent her the track for it, and she sent back a voice note with the verse and chorus in what felt like five seconds. And it was just perfect. It’s eery how similar it is to what the final product is.

Jack Antonoff on collaborating with Taylor on Out Of The Woods, I Wish You Would, You Were In Love, and Sweeter Than Fiction. (x)

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That look Taylor gets on her face when she’s done performing and people are clapping for her and SHE’S SO HAPPY is what I live for tbh WHEN SHE’S HAPPY I’M HAPPY I LOVE TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT SO FUCKING MUCH BYE

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people who type lol when theyre mad are the people you have to watch out for theyll fucking stab you in the back in a dark alley and steal your wallet whispering “lol” all passive aggressively into your ear. same goes for “lmao”. Watch out

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  • THINGS I WANT: Poldi starting the game, no more injured players, little Thomas to score a goal and stop being hard on himself. Germany to win the fucking game.
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